Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my home office... in progress

sharing pics of my home office space that's currently in progress...
1. my one notebook that keeps all my to-do's and important info at my fingertips
2. laptop. i don't always sit at my "desk" and work. the flexibility it allows is priceless
3. my grandparents couroc tray that is used for incoming mail (processed daily)
4. newly painted chalkboard wall. i'll be painting the rest of the kitchen with it but wanted to tackle it in small doses
5. these boat lights (as i'm calling them) came with the apartment. i initially disliked them but they're growing on me
6. bills to pay go in this post-it holder
7. active (but less time sensitive than bills) goes into this larger post-it holder. currently, tax docs are waiting to be gone through and processed--but that is going to have to wait until next week.
8. pending stuff gets tacked on the cork board. up there right now, an invoice for drum mallets that i ordered (b/c they sent the wrong item), and a list of all the stuff we want to buy/do to the apartment (looooooong list).
9. loot from the organizing awards (lots of labels from avery)
10. still working out this system (haven't committed to labeling yet because contents may change). currently, office supplies are corralled in the 3 drawers
11. envelopes are super accessible and in view because i use them all the time
12. white bin holds stuff i use everyday (ie; calculator, ipod, all of my chargers, letter opener, pens, pencils, bluetooth, etc.)
13. magazine file holding my "organize" magazines
14. this system is not working for me at all. i currently have little wall space for my "active files" such as "to file" and "receipts" currently, files are nestled in my magazine file to keep them together but i'm trying to decide if i want a desktop file sorter or go another route
15. a hook which holds my purse and laptop bag--love it!
one more pic of my new chalkboard wall

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  1. Beth it's a thing of beauty! Can't wait to have you come tackle my home office!


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