Monday, March 22, 2010

mac monday

i know i've heard of this mac shortcut before but for some reason, never used it--until today. to hide the current window/program you're working on, just press command H. poof!

image: aftab.


  1. My mac hubby reminds me of this when I try to minimize my program like a pc. Cute kitty photo!!!

  2. Love it! Thanks!

    (I'll admit that it took me a few seconds to get it back once I "poofed" it)

  3. You made my day. I've been wondering for a while now. We tried command D (desktop) and even command B (the Dutch word for desktop - bureaublad, makes no sense, I know). H it is. Hide.
    Poof! :D

  4. command + W = close the current Window
    command + Q = Quite the current program
    the most useful key command is command + S to Save (press this often)


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