Wednesday, March 24, 2010

when is it ok to hit "reply all" in emails?

in my book--never! ok, ok, that's not entirely true. i'm bringing this topic up because when folks (even my own friends) hit reply all to a group email, it drives me bananas! i'll be away from my cell phone for a few hours and i'll come back to read an entire thread. it bogs down my email, takes extra time to delete them--and basically causes frustration. in my experience, it's ok to hit "reply all" in only a few circumstances (and by a few, i mean only one).

1. when something is up for grabs. let's say you get a mass email and your friend is giving something away or needs one persons help or know-how with something. in order to let everyone know that the item or service is taken, once the first person hits "reply all" it's done. the thread is no longer and responding to the email (let alone hitting reply all) is unnecessary.

what do you guys think? am i crazy/wrong? or are there examples that i'm just not thinking of where hitting "reply all" would be beneficial...

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  1. here! here!

    thank you for posting this.... you're so right. 'reply all' drives me insane. case in point, at my old web production job human resources would send out "welcome emails" introducing a new employee to the company (of 2000, mind you) and explaining where she/he will be working, etc. for the remainder of the day and sometimes flowing into the next day, people would hit the 'reply all' button and say things like... "welcome to the team!" or "congratulations on your new position".

    ohmygawd... there would be over 40 'reply alls' strung to this email, it was insane!


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