Friday, March 19, 2010

flickr friday and laundry rooms

my "dream bathroom" post went up on AT today-- which got me thinking... i'm currently redecorating my bathroom (and really happy with how it looks, fireplace or no fireplace). but what i really need in this home is a "dream laundry room." unfortunately, it will probably be the last room that i get around offering tlc. but when that day comes, i've rounded up a handful of inspirational laundry rooms (that honestly, are ginormous--who has that much space in their laundry room?). but i did glean ideas from each space that i can eventually incorporate into my teeny, closet-sized laundry room.

1. always think vertically. hang your ironing board, brooms and mops to save floor space.
2. hang shelving (also thinking vertically). 
3. use pegboard.  this photo is using pegboard to organize crafts but you can use your pegboard for laundry supplies and tools (whatever works for your space).

4. can't say it enough--go vertical. this pic uses accordion rack for towels, etc. 
5. glass containers for storing detergent (looks less cluttered).
6. a pretty basket for laundry keeps the space free of eyesores.

7. again, hang shelving. stainless steel seems to be the theme in these laundry rooms (feels crisp and clean).
8. more glass containers for cleaning supplies (just make sure to label and keep out of reach of the kiddies).
9. containers with handles and a spot for labels

10. can you tell, i'm really loving the glass containers?
11. a tray to keep supplies corralled and looking neat and organized.

share pics of your organized home by uploading them to the bneato flickr pool.


  1. I especially like the bathroom with items 4-6. That's just my style.

  2. We actually got rid of our dryer out of our laundry room. Gave me lots of room for other things and storage. Plus I have the benefit of saving $ on my utilities since I am drying using my clothes drying rack. I also am finding that my clothes are lasting longer since they are not being subjected to the harsh heat and tumbling of the dryer.

  3. @ Mary--I'm impressed! I have a stackable so I'm tied to both but I must say, I don't know that I could live without my dryer (I'm so impatient:)


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