Monday, January 4, 2010

mac monday shortcut

right before xmas, i pointed out this mac shortcut website. in an effort to learn all of them myself, i'm going to start highlighting a new one every monday. let's start with my new fave;
  • control, 2 finger swipe up (lets you zoom in)
  • control, 2 finger swipe down (lets you zoom out)
and here's some teeny text that will be fun to zoom in on.


  1. You may want to also look at the official Apple list of keyboard shortcuts:

  2. Wow! Cool - that worked (not surprisingly!). I love that.

    Thanks for highlighting one shortcut at a time. That'll give me time to integrate it into my systems.

  3. Thanks Jeri for the longer list--and long is it. Mac Mondays will be a staple for a bit:)

  4. My favorite: control/shift/4 which gives you a tool for selecting an area of which you may take a screen shot - very useful for things that will not easily print or where you just need a portion of what would print. This is my most used shortcut (beyond cut and paste, bold and underline).

  5. I'll never forget where I was when I learned that mac shortcut! a friend (and fellow professional organizer) showed me the screen shot shortcut when we were at our first NAPO conference--it's been a lifesaver ever since!


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