Tuesday, December 1, 2009

smallest. closet. evah

okay, so it's probably not the smallest clothes closet but i bet it's close. i got rid of 6 articles of clothing (whoo hoo). because i'm moving in 2 months, i plan on hyper-organizing all of my belongings... one day at a time. shoes tomorrow...

plastic bins hold jewelry and odds and ends. 
hats, scarves and extra bags and purses. definitely can do a once over here (but not too concerned with this area).
oh boy. you're aware of my unconventional shoe storage (shoes i wear all the time). but this is the only way i've come up with to store shoes i wear once or twice a year to fancy events. going through this bin manana.
photo books and mementos which i've recently gone through. used to be stored under bed--now at top of closet.
i sit on the floor and get ready in front of this mirror everyday. in the future, i envision a seating pillow or pouf or small stool so i don't have to sit on the floor anymore.
in basket, i keep lotion, perfumes, deodorant, and hairbrush. behind it, bare minerals powder that has to lay flat.
hook for current purse, cloth grocery bags and computer bag. can definitely sort and purge some bags.
over the door hooks hold jackets and hoodies. i wear all of them.
got rid of all the wire hangers and have one plastic hanger to spare!
donating 6 articles of clothing from the closet. 

ps: i forgot to take after pics of my closet after rearranging clothes by function (and within categories, by color). i'll post pics tomorrow.


  1. My closet is the same size. And I have to share mine with my suit-wearing husband. How do you access the bin on the shelf?

  2. ouch--that is tough! I access it by pulling the entire bin out and setting it on the bed. because it's big and cumbersome, it goes back right away. it works because I only need to get in there every so often.

  3. forget the small closet, i want to hear the moving story! are you moving in with your BF? new place or his place? where did you guys meet? are you getting married? are you having kids? ignore the fact that you don't know me! besides, we're sisters in organizing and latico wallets now! tell, tell, tell.

  4. Way to rock it, Beth! I am soooo excited for my session with you to help max the cleanse, clear and coordinate in my closet:)

  5. @Kristen--haha. moving in with the beau (and fingers crossed on finding a new pad). no marriage and definitely no kids (yet).
    @Dyana--meeeee too!

  6. Great post. I, too, have a teeny closet that has gotten too full to move my clothes around in. Everything's all squishy.

    So, lately I've tried something new: I usually do my own laundry separate from my family's. (Most of my clothes need a little extra care.) In order to start to thin out my closet, I decided to take a hiatus on doing my laundry (this is sweaters, shirts, etc, not unmentionables, those I do with my family's laundry, so they're getting done!) so that I'd be forced to wear more things in my closet.

    I'd found that I tended to wear only about 25% of the clothes I owned. By taking those go-to items away from myself, I was forced to actually wear the other stuff. And, if I truly hated it, I decided to toss it.

    This process has been really helpful. So far, I've tossed 10+ items that had been in my closet with more to come!

  7. @Penelope--love that idea. I, too only wear probably 25% of my clothes (I heart uniforms:) I'll have to try your way and see what else can get tossed!


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