Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Unconventional Shoe Storage

Yes, I am a professional organizer and this is the way I store my shoes. But honestly, it's super efficient and accessible (and they're out of sight) which means no clutter! You may be asking yourself, how do they not get scuffed? Where are the rest of your shoes? Doesn't that bother you that they're jumbled up in a box?! Ever since I was in High School, I noticed that I could never keep my shoes pristine. I don't know if it's the way I walk or what but my shoes always seemed to get more wear and tear than other folk's shoes (so the extra teeny bit that my shoes might be suffering, I'm ok with). Plus, I only wear about 4-5 pairs of shoes on heavy rotation, so the box is perfect to store my footwear. The remainder of my shoe collection is in my teeny closet (and by teeny, I mean miniature). While my method is unconventional, it works perfectly for me (organizing is not one size fits all:)


  1. I like the tidiness of it but I don't know if I can allow my shoes to get separated from each other! That may just be even more weird that your method of shoe storage. : )

  2. Ha ha! Like I said--organizing isn't one size fits all:)


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