Monday, June 22, 2009

You Should Know About This

When I'm making file folders for clients (or for myself) I love using the 3 1/2 inch file tabs. If you use the smaller file tabs, there is never enough room for the printed label from the label maker. Unfortunately, hanging file folders come with the 2 inch tabs standard. For my entire organizing career, I've been purchasing the 3 1/2 inch file tabs separately (they run $5.29 for a pack of 50 in the Staples store). In order to save money for my clients (and for myself, I went online in search for a cheaper alternative (and boy did I find one).
Apparently at Staples online, you can pick up a pack of 100 for $1.79 WT%$#^&. Oh well--at least I know now!

(Images: Staples and Beth Zeigler)


  1. Thank you for telling me. I spent a long time in Staples on Friday and was getting quite frustrated over files.

  2. Wait! It looks like those are just the tab INSERTS!

    Too bad - I have the same preference as you, and I would have loved an inexpensive options.

  3. @ Jeri--I call them file tabs (and they are way cheaper if you order online) By almost $4.00)!:)

  4. @ Jerri (just realized what you were talking about)--thanks for the correction. I thought I was looking at file tabs (not the inserts).
    Unfortunately I just looked on the Staples website and they are just as expensive as in the store. I say still use the 3 1/2 tabs (but I'll definitely be on the lookout for a cheaper version)!


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