Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Would Love To...

... Organize the heck out of this room. This space belongs to my boyfriend--he likes to call it his smoking lounge (even though no one smokes in there). He's a screenwriter and therefore has tons of books and DVDs (and has recently started collecting Blu Ray DVDs...) I honestly don't have an issue with the mass amounts of DVDs and books (just the overwhelming display of them in this teeny room). He actually doesn't have enough room to store all of the DVDs (the rest are stacked in piles on the floor). I'm fine with the books staying put but I would love for him to purchase a vintage dresser or hutch and store all the DVDs inside. Or put the disks in CD binders with a corresponding notebook that lists his collection. I imagine that it would be so much nicer (and easier) to flip through a list and pick out a movie to watch (one day).


  1. Hey Beth, this looks pretty good. Leave it alone.
    You should see my husband's surroundings. : )

  2. No worries--we don't live together so I wouldn't dare touch it (plus he likes it). But.. that doesn't mean that I haven't tried talking him into storing the DVDs elsewhere. Yes, it could be worse but that doesn't mean a gal can't dream:)


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