Monday, November 30, 2009

clothes hangers and my system

so i made the trek to my local Target yesterday to pick up my monthly supplies (detergent, litter, dish sponges, etc.). something else that was on my shopping list was clothes hangers. lately, a few extra items never get hung up because i have run out of hangers. just as i was turning down the aisle to pick up a new bundle, i stopped in my tracks. i thought to myself, "you don't wear all the clothes in your closet, why not donate at least 5 articles, and then you won't have to buy new hangers." not to mention, there is no room in my closet (pics come later in the week--i promise!). anyhow, why not let the amount of hangers you own determine how many clothes you keep on hand. it's going to be important to set a limit (too many hangers and there's no real system). got it? good! now i'm off to rummage through my teeny closet.

(image: lisa newton)


  1. Great idea!

    My husband had the dreaded wire hangers before we got married. Everytime I washed something when we were first married I put it on a new hanger. Now almost 6 years later he has a few shirts still on wire hangers and I gently tell him, "You know! It's been a while since you wore that!" He gives me the look like yes, I know it's been 6 years but I might wear it someday. And I just roll my eyes. It kills me not to donate those shirts but I guess the poor guy is entitled to HIS side of the closet.

  2. Great idea! Make sure you're wearing your clothes AND help someone else! Right up my alley! ;)

  3. @ Tanna--very interesting! No debating how long those shirts have been worn! I also love the trick of turning all the hangers in the opposite direction. When you put clothes back, turn hangers in the correct direction (another great way to determine how long clothes are going unworn).


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