Tuesday, December 8, 2009

let's organize tina fey's office

1 & 2 hang a dry erase board or cover area with chalk paint (and get rid of all those post-its). use one notebook to capture to-do's and notes to self.
3. use magazine files to corral projects and magazines
4. line up bins for easy access storage (don't forget to label)
5. place laptop on a stand. it will free up your desktop and make the space feel roomier.
6. move your desk so it's parallel with the wall. your back will now be facing the wall of post-its. now, all you have to do is swivel in your chair to write on your dry erase board. or, if there's room, move the desk forward 3 feet so you can easily access the dry erase board. as it is currently, Tina would have to reach over grab a post it or transcribe a note.
7. pick up a recycling bin (that's larger than the one pictured). i love this one by Simple Human from The Container Store (even has side compartment for separating the trash.


  1. Clever post! This ad has always amused me. I've never thought of "organizing" it, though. But I'm kind of loving her post-it system. Kinda artsy. I have a white board, but I can imagine the feeling of accomplishment is heightened to actually get to peel a post-it off the wall and drop it in the recycling bin!

  2. haha--yeah, the post-its. i'm sure she uses them for mapping out scenes for 30 rock, etc. i doubt they're just a bunch of reminders. but for most folks, a ton of post-its with "reminders" and to-do's can mean big trouble (notes getting lost, also not being prioritized). but yeah, it's hard to know what Tina uses her post-its for...
    You must love being able to clean your white board and start fresh, no?


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