Thursday, June 25, 2009

My To-Do List

I find to-do lists fascinating. It's a small glimpse into someone's life (so to me, they're kinda neat). Some have doodling, some are written on napkins and others (like mine) get updated on a daily basis. I have my main to-do list in my notebook that I always carry. But, if I'm found without my notebook (eegats!) I put notes in my cell phone or type on my computer and then email them to myself. That way, the important piece of information is bound to find it's way on my master list.


  1. I like the idea because my to-dos don't finish up and then they really really annoy me!

  2. If a to-do sticks around for too long (you keep transferring it from list to list) it's time to assess that to-do. Why are you not getting it done? Have you broken it down into the smallest possible step (or next action like GTD). Get curious about the to-do's that never get done. They make you feel guilty (blech) and who has time for that?!


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