Tuesday, December 8, 2009

mini project # 5: the dresser

my landlord called today and asked me why i was moving (followed by a plea for me to stay). it was quite endearing and cute and made me feel all warm inside. i called the beau to double check and see if he'd reconsider living here for a few months, save up some money and then find a bigger place of our own. it was a no-go (which i figured). but when you landlord calls you like that and tells you what a good tenant you are, you kinda wanna help him out. oh well--i'm still v. excited about moving (and finding a much bigger pad than where i currently reside). anywho--enough about me, let's talk about my dresser. full disclosure ahead (i hate folding clothes). there. i said it. does that make me a bad person? nope. it just makes my dresser drawers a bit unruly. i do match socks (but that's about as far as it gets). because my clothes have room to move around in each drawer, i just figure, why bother? i can see almost everything at a glance and it's always a guarantee that my clothes are put away--because it's a cinch to do so. today, i went through all 5 drawers and am getting rid of this bag of clothes (yay).


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