Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mo Mo Motivation!

So I wrote a post today on Apartment Therapy about motivation to organize.  I have ways that I motivate myself but I'm always thrilled when readers open up and tell me their tips and tricks.  You'll have to read the entire (but short) post here--and don't forget to read the comments!  For me, the two comments that really rocked were;
  • I find having company is the best motivation to get organized! Plan a party!
  • I have a DVR and love watching "So You Think You Can Dance" which is three-hours per week. During times I want to clean, I don't fast forward through the commercials but instead clean up around the living room and put things away during the commercial (EVERY commercial). I'm always surprised at how much I can get done in 7 minutes! And if I get too involved in the clean-up I don't have to rush back to the TV, I can just hit the rewind button. :-)
(Image from Flickr Member moragcasey used with permission under Creative Commons License)

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