Friday, September 4, 2009

Hold the Phone... It's a Holding Zone!

I love the idea of a holding zone (no containers needed)! Not to say that you couldn't use a basket but I like having all of these items out in the open so I know what's what. My holding zone works like this. Say I'm on my way to the bathroom or to the closet (which is on the opposite side of where my desk sits). I'll grab an empty coffee mug or cord that needs to be returned to the kitchen. And while I'm not going to the kitchen at that instant, I'll group items that need to go elsewhere in the house in my holding zone. That way, when I do make the trek to the kitchen, den or laundry room, I can just look at my holding zone and grab stuff. My room remains uncluttered on a daily basis which means less "picking up" at the end of the week. I also use a spot in my kitchen as a holding zone for items that need to go with me to the car. You can have a holding zone for every room or just one or two like myself. Right now, my room holding zone contains clothes to drop off at the cleaners, glasses, ipod and lotion to go with me in the car and a mini tambourine for Adam's dog, Mayor. We're trying to get him to start barking while indoors and he hates the sound of the tambo. We'll see how that works out... In the kitchen, a grocery bag containing a cake plate, cake tins and a knife need to go back to Dave (owner of Saucy Bastard).


  1. LOVE IT! I so need a holding zone and don't have any space allotted to it--SO, I cleaned off the top (half of it) of my shoe rack and it's officially the zone now! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. yay Dyana!! that's what I like to hear:)


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