Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Key Ring Clutter

Just like we did with wallet week, I'm going to devote an entire week (September 20-25) to keys, key chains, losing your keys, key storage, etc.  In the meantime, take inventory of your keys--what's on that heavy key ring of yours?  Do you have a junk drawer filled with unidentified keys?  How many folks have a set of keys to your house?  Do you have a backup plan if you lock yourself out of your car or home?  Send questions or topics my way and I'll include them in a post!

(Image from Phil Holden)


  1. I just worked with a client today who had four key chains in her purse, not including the one that she keeps on a hook in the house, which has her house keys and car keys. What was on the other four? We tried all the house keys on the house; none worked. As far the remaining keys? No clue. We tossed them all. How many people are carrying around the extra weight of mystery keys?

  2. Thanks for the comment Marcie--you gave me an idea for a post on recycling/repurposing unidentified keys:) Yeah--who knows? I have heard that a weighty key chain can mess with a cars ignition (not sure if that's true but I wouldn't want to test it).

  3. Yes, the weight of keys pulling down on the key IN the ignition slot can mess up the lock mechanism. It may not be AS true today since the car manufacturers probably figured out ways to strengthen the ignition, but I wouldn't advocate keeping a lot of weight dangling on the ignition key. I keep just my car key and the remote on one keyring so it's light and also if I need to valet my car I only give them my car key and not my house and office keys too.


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