Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Organizing Your Wallet: Part III

It's wallet week here at Bneato. Every day, I'll be profiling a friend and their organized wallet. The majority of my lady friends own the Bettina Framed Latico Wallet (myself included). But I'm also including a couple other organized wallets for variety and inspiration. And stay tuned for Sunday's post where I'll post a video of how I organize my wallet!

Jessica has great design style. Whether she's making handmade cards or picking up vintage furniture to make her house a home--she rocks it. So it's no surprise that she keeps her receipts and credit cards looking fancy in her organized wallet.

How long have you had your wallet?
3 or 4 years (I sure do love it--and I get compliments on it everywhere I go)!

What do you like best about it?
I love that it fits everything I need in one place with a great exterior, cute interior, and reliable latch

How do you keep your wallet organized?
I only keep the cards of most importance in there and my receipts only stay in for a few days at most. Then they are entered into our Excel budget and taken out of my wallet. The cards I only use every now and then, like gift cards, refund cards or Banana Republic, etc. I keep in a separate little card holder in my desk. Then I have to plan the trip that uses them... saves time and space in wallet and keeps my impulse shopping at bay!


  1. What a nice chance for it to become big and bumpy. : )

  2. oooh, the lining of that one is particularly cute. so, about entering receipts, etc., in excel or quickbooks ... the whole thing makes me want to blow my head off. i delude myself into believing that i don't need to do any bookkeeping because everything's on my bank statements and credit card statements. do you live on a budget? people really do that, right? omg, i suck.

  3. @ Sister Kristen. Do you own your own business? If not, you probably don't need to enter receipts into program however balancing your checkbook and keeping a budget is a good idea. And yes to living on a budget (I think of it like a game--just like Kara does with her change). To me, it makes it more fun.

  4. How about a man's wallet? I'm thinking of carrying two wallets, one for each back pocket to even out the load and the bumps I have to sit on, which I hear can cause back problems.

  5. Frank! nooooo! 2 wallets to counteract the bumpy 1 wallet? i'll get back to you--for the meantime, how about putting the wallet in your front pocket?


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