Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wallet of The Future

Since it's wallet week on our blog, we've gotten some great tips from Twitter users, especially this one from echoparkgal. She uses the ACM wallet (or as I like to call it, the wallet of the future). It's sleek, shiny and teeny and depending on the size, holds 6-12 cards. Designed for dames and dudes, it can fit in the smallest of places from your front pocket to a jacket compartment. We like the idea of simply pressing a button and out pops the card you need. Plus, cards won't get willy-nilly and bent out of shape since the case is an aluminum hard shell. The only problem we have with the ACM wallet is the question of receipts. Where would we put them? Yes, there is a money clip but we're guessing that could get a little tricky. Apparently ACM has a leather case that attaches to the 6 or 12 card wallet (but doesn't that defeat the purpose of the sleek and small wallet previously touted)?

(Images: ACM Wallet)


  1. Doesn't work for me... I like to stash a bandaid, an aspirin, floss and other things in my wallet too...who can come up with that? : )

  2. cool concept, but i'm too aesthetically oriented to get a total woody for a device like this. it looks like something stephen root's character in "office space" would carry in his pocket. if somebody made a cuter version, though, i'd dig it.

  3. @SisterKristen--take a look around the ACM site. I believe they had different styles


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