Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Organizing Your Wallet: Part II

It's wallet week here at Bneato. Every day, I'll be profiling a friend and their organized wallet. The majority of my lady friends own the Bettina Framed Latico Wallet (myself included). But I'm also including a couple other organized wallets for variety and inspiration. And stay tuned for Sunday's post where I'll post a video of how I organize my wallet!

Kara thinks like a professional organizer but dresses like a vintage starlet. Her busy life includes producing business for a new start-up and helping her hubby run his company (think overnight success). While her work life is chaotic she keeps it under wraps by staying organized.

How long have you had your wallet?
2 years--bought at H&M

What do you like best about it?
I love that I can keep my checkbook and register next to all of my other banking items. It makes me feel super organized and I never have to search for anything.

How do you keep your wallet organized?
I like to enter my receipts into my checkbook register within a couple of days of the purchase so that I don't have a buildup with receipts. Not only do a ton of receipts freak me out (how much money have I spent?!?) but they also just clog my wallet. All receipts that I have to keep (for taxes or returns) get filed in the back part of my wallet so they are out of view.

Additional tips?
To keep my wallet light I make a game out using my change. It makes me feel good that I'm not breaking a dollar for $0.18!

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