Monday, July 13, 2009

Organizing Your Wallet: Part I

It's wallet week here at Bneato. Every day, I'll be profiling a friend and their organized wallet. The majority of my lady friends own the Bettina Framed Latico Wallet (myself included). But I'm also including a couple other organized wallets for variety and inspiration. And stay tuned for Sunday's post where I'll post a video of how I organize my wallet!

Heather's motto--less is more. She carries only the necessities and groups her cards in a zipper pocket for easy access. Her hobbies are shopping, shopping and shopping. Ultra sound technician by day and lead singer of a girl band by night--so you see, it's extremely important that her wallet stay organized.

How long have you had your wallet?
4 years

What do you like best about it?
It's sturdy and compact

How do you keep your wallet organized?
I only keep the essentials in there.  You don't need every credit card, social security card, etc, with you every second.  I have my AAA card, license, health insurance card and one debit/credit card.  Depending on events, you can add things or remove them from your wallet.  It also helps to go through my wallet every day and take out receipts.  They immediately go into a file at home.

Additional tips?
Take advantage of the key chain cards that grocery stores, etc. give you.  That way, your wallet has more breathing room for the important stuff.


  1. Nice wallet there...I will have to come back when I can put my wallet by my side. Thank you.

  2. woot-woot! i have that wallet in black! i had no idea it existed until i saw your purse organizing video. one thing i really like is that i have to regulary purge anything unnecessary so it closes properly. and i have declared war on my receipts. i don't want any paper bills when possible, and i purged my entire house of all unnecessary paper and receipts, and i'm never EVER letting it build up again. now that i realize i can scan my important receipts (thank you, beth), i feel like i've been let outta jail!

  3. @SisterKristen--awesome! And you inspired me to show folks how to organize a wallet (video coming Sunday:) Yeah--those latico wallets are a tight fit. Because I've had mine for almost 4 years, it has expanded over time. If you ever do need to fit more, I'll be showing you an additional tip in my video.


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