Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock Steady!

A few weeks ago, my car insurance company mailed me my new premium. When I opened up the bill, I noticed something fishy--the premium was much higher than the previous year. Although I did get one traffic ticket, I completed online traffic school (so I knew that was not the reason for the rate hike). So I called my insurance company to get to the bottom of the matter. They explained to me that their records had me driving 25,000 miles last year--holy $%^&@##~!! Not only did I not drive that many miles (true mileage b/w 10,000-12,000 for 2008) I also had to prove it to them. I didn't panic because I knew my paperwork was organized (and easy to locate) but I was frustrated. I mean really frustrated. But once the matter was finally cleared up, I ended up saving myself $335 big ones (rock steady for being organized!!).


  1. Sounds like they like to take advantage of people! Aargh! I am glad you noticed, and lesson to myself...check every statement.


  2. Yeah--I really don't know how the mix-up happened. I'm just glad I caught it (and yes--good lesson to check every statement:)

  3. what records?!? since when (and how, by the way) do insurance companies track your mileage. mine just asked for my average when i first signed up. i would have marched down there with a serious case of stink face, said a few choice words, and demanded that they show me those bull caca records!! and then, i would find myself another insurance company because i don't have time in my life to be dealing with morons!

  4. Same for me--when I signed up, they asked for the average over the phone (but somehow, along the way--they got the wrong info). I had my oil change records (which I keep in case I sell the car--the new owner will know I was kind to my SCION:). Plus, I keep gas receipts to write off for my business and I'll note mileage on the receipts to show how far I drive. But, if you don't have that documentation, your mechanic probably has your mileage records in his computer (I know my guy does). And don't you worry--they got an earful when I found out I had to prove their records wrong.


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