Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Having To Buy Containers... Priceless

After I use up a jar of jalapeños or a tub of butter, I immediately put the container in the sink (soaking them with soap and water) with the intention of using the containers in my house to organize items. Now I'm not suggesting you save every food container with the hope of reusing it later (I am a family of one and therefore don't consume as much as say, a family of four). If you are the family of four (or more) that I am writing about, then recycle, recycle, recycle. These 2 glass jars pictured above are just two ways I reuse food containers in my home (more to come in future posts). I like that they're glass so I can see exactly what's stored where (buttons in one and sewing needles in another).

When I buy a new shirt or jacket, they typically come with extra buttons. I like to save those buttons but want to make them easy to put away for future use if a button falls off. I keep my sewing and checks in the same spot (because of how often I use both--frequent enough to have them close by and easy to access). Plus, both categories fit nicely in this IKEA box (using the like with like organizing rule). You could also place a small jar for buttons in the top drawer of your dresser. Next time you need a button, it's as easy as opening up a drawer!


  1. Hah! You are cute! I knew that eventually the jars would end up in a labeled box. I must do the same.

  2. duuuuude--gotta love the labels:)


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