Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keeping Track of Important Paperwork

These wall pockets are on the wall right next to my desk. I open bills, pay bills and have a printer at my desk so I need a spot close by to put my important paperwork and receipts. Because I'm a visual person, paperwork must be in view (or be in a container with labels) so I don't forget where it is. Even though my office space is teeny, you'd be surprised how easily you can forget where you put something. My upcoming bills go on the bottom wall pocket (paper clipped to the outside) with the date written in large font. I also put the due date in my calendar. Furthermore, for bills that are automatically debited, I do the same thing. In my experience, you can never be too safe when it comes to making a credit card payment (late fees are the pits)! In addition to keeping bills in the outermost pocket, I keep movie and dodger tickets and coupons that I don't want to forget to use.

Additional file folders that I have close by are "TO FILE", "PENDING", and "QUICKEN." I hate filing on a daily basis, so after a week or two, I take my "TO FILE" folder and file all of my important paperwork. "PENDING" is for things like my passport renewal form, photos I've ordered to give as gifts for upcoming birthdays and confirmation numbers for traveling. "QUICKEN" is where I store all of my business receipts. Like filing, I dislike updating my books day to day, so I save that task for the end of the week.

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  1. Good tip...I need a room and a desk. Everything is happening off of the dining table sadly. Sigh!


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