Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Say Nooooooo

Organizing products and containers can be tempting. They're colorful and fun and we think we'll be more organized if we buy them. While organizing products are a great tool to keep you organized, they are rarely necessary at the start of the organizing process. When I'm working with a client, we usually uncover plenty of pens, post-its and file folders (all that had been forgotten about). The only tools you'll need to sort and process items are paper grocery bags and trash bags for discarded and donation items. That's it. Really. It's once you've gotten organized and know exactly how many items you have left over that it's time to shop (and by all means--buy the pretty folders and paper clips--but please, not in bulk!).


  1. Too late...I have been accumulating organizational material for God knows how long. I think I will go with the new idea now, paper grocery bags, and trash bags. Happy Friday!

  2. You can always donate the surplus materials... It's never too late:)


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