Saturday, May 30, 2009

Organizing Receipts

Having a simple way to handle receipts will save you tons of time
1. Just say no. Grocery store receipts are rarely needed so just say no at the check out line and decline the receipt.
2. If you use your credit/debit card at Target, they're able to pull up your receipt (so again--you can feel confident declining the receipt at the register).
3. Have a place for your receipts to go in your purse or wallet. Go through them when you get home and transfer them to an active storage spot.
4. Your active storage spot might be a small drawer or an accordion file folder. Each week (or as often as needed) go through your active file spot and recycle or shred receipts that you no longer need.
5. If you're going to hang onto your receipts long-term, think about scanning them in. Most receipts are printed on thermal paper (which fades over time). Plus, the IRS prefers scanned in paperwork (which means less clutter)!
6. Fijitsu SnapScan and Neat Receipts are great products to invest in for scanning paperwork.


  1. Hi Beth, this is great. Any preference between SnapScan and Neat Receipts?

  2. The Snap Scan is more of an investment but well worth the price. I believe it scans around 15 pages a minute (front and back) which is pretty amazing (no more filing cabinets!)

  3. This is the best piece of advice I have received recently, thank you so much.

  4. @ MrsLittleJeans--np! Receipts tend to cause a huge headache in the world of paper organizing. Glad it was helpful!

  5. i'm horrified to say it never occurred to me to scan my receipts. i thought they had to be original, esp. for bigger purchases. this whole scanning thing could revolutionize my life! oh, and where did you find a slim frame wallet with a flap inside? it's badass. mine has no flap. *sniff*

  6. @Sister Kristen--I know--scanning receipts? Last thing we think of, right? And to believe the IRS would prefer that over actual document (kinda awesome).
    The wallet, I must say, is amazing. I've actually had it for 3 years! It was a gift but she found it at a store in Silverlake called CLOVER. In the past, a store in Pasadena carried them called JALOUX. I'm not sure if you're in So Cal (unfortunately, they're is no identifying tag or brand on wallet).

  7. thanks for the info. i live in LA! woot!

  8. okay, so if you ever need to replace your wallet, it's the latico leathers bettina framed wallet and you can buy it at

    shout out to nicole at clover who told me the brand.

  9. Sister Kristen--you roccckkkk!!!!


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