Monday, May 4, 2009

How To: Organize A Purse

Not being able to find an item when we need it is a big cause of frustration. Not only can we not find the item, it usually happens when we’re already running behind or just about to leave the house. To prevent wasting time looking for items in our v. large purse, we’ve organized our purse to suit our needs. Because our big ‘ole red purse (thank you Jessica Simpson) has 5 smaller compartments and one big compartment--we’ve assigned each space a specific function. For items we use all the time, the outside compartments are homes for things like business cards, a cell phone and chewing gum. The inside pockets hold items like pens and our sunglasses with the biggest compartment holding our wallet, notebook and bigger ticket items. Now, when we go to use our cell phone or put on lip gloss, we know just the pocket to look in. When we’re done, back it goes. How do you organize your purse? Is it a big one like ours or do have an extremely organized smaller purse?


  1. Organising a bag this way is a definite plus.

    Though I often carry rectangular tote bags(mostly without a pocket) during the day. The downside of a bag like this is everything is in the mix together - small and large - from a thumb drive to a sweater. Also, items like an mp3 player with headphones can tangle everything with it, and it also doesn't help that my cell phone is the same size as my mp3 player... frustrating when rummaging to answer a call!

    So my solution is a pencilcase to hold the smaller items I carry with me - mp3 player, cell phone, flash drive and pen - that way, when needed I just need to look for the pencilcase (a bigger item) and go from there. It's also a compartment that can move from bag-to-bag.

  2. Hey Tess--yeah, a big bag like this can definitely be trouble. So far--everything in mine stays bundled with my yellow mesh bag inside (similar to your pencil case holder). Great tip that it can move from bag to bag!

  3. My bag is around the same size (I cant stand small purses haha). I carry around a book which just adds to the pain since things usually hide under it and I have to flip over so many items just to get to my lip gloss for example. Will now move it to my outside pocket :)

  4. I have used a Purseket in most of my big bags. It can be easily removed from one bag and dropped into the next. They have tons of cute patterns but I would suggest a darker color as you don't realize how much dirt collects in your purse over time, smudging it up!

    I also use a pencil case for wrangling small items.


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