Friday, May 1, 2009

Organizing Studio Space

A majority of clients that turn to Bneato for help are business owners whose businesses have become swamped overnight (and need help with creating new systems to keep their workflow organized). A new client of ours that fits this bill is Suzy Yun, creator of fashion forward clothing line, Unhee. Suzy, like many of Bneato’s clients, has an organized mindset but became overwhelmed when the clothes she was making starting flying off the rack. It’s no wonder with clients like Selma Blair and Tyra Banks wearing your line, fashionable women take notice (and want to buy an outfit or two). Enter Bneato--we’re working with Suzy’s current work style and taking it to the next level (without making it hard to follow). We love creating systems that are accessible to each client’s lifestyle (so the systems can grow with them as their business keeps thriving). Check back next month to see our process in action (plus the “after” pictures).

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