Thursday, October 7, 2010

on the mend

i know this has happened to you before. you're trying on clothes, nothing is working--and then finally! the perfect outfit is created (only to find out you forgot about the hole on the front or the missing button that needs to be sewn on). and of course, you're already late (ughhhh)! my advice; 
  • go to your closet right now
  • pull out all the clothes that need mending, buttons sewn on, etc.
  • maybe your favorite pair of black jeans needs a new dye job--pull those too!
  • separate those items that need the expert eye of a tailor and place them by the door
  • now, get to work! sew buttons, mend seams and feel accomplished
  • the next time you leave the house, grab the clothes that need to visit the tailor and place them in the car. when you're out running errands, you'll have them on hand to drop off.
  • repeat every season!
neighborhood tailors that i swear by;

Abaya Alterations
Therese (323) 913-9419
3235 W. Sunset. Blvd.
LA, CA 90026

Hollymont Cleaners
Maryanne (323) 664-8719
1759 Vermont Ave
LA, CA 90027


  1. i've been satisfied with work from All Star Cleaners (inside a dry cleaners) at Olympic + La Cienega. they often do buttons on the spot for free + all my larger alterations have been done very well!

    key is to make sure they don't do things too tight when first pinning it. apparently i like a little more drape in my work clothes than the tailor thinks i should!

  2. I love Therese at Abaya. And her prices are unbeatable.

  3. That's excellent advice, and it would work on so much in my life that needs to be fixed or meddled with somehow. You could really use this as a "truth about life" thingie..

    My todo list is waay to long..


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