Wednesday, October 6, 2010


in the wee hours of the morning on my flight back to los angeles, i picked up this month's copy of american way. i could barely focus to read anything on the plane so i carted the thin mag home after checking out the table of contents, an article on co-working caught my tired eyes. once home, i read the article and wanted to share it's interesting tid-bits. since i spend part of my time at home--and the rest, servicing clients, i can commiserate with the struggles of working from home. getting distracted with pets, the beau working in the other room and the daily upkeep of the house, it's often a struggle to keep it all balanced. currently, my go-to move is visiting a coffee house with free wireless to knock out a big project. for me, other folks typing away on their laptops makes me focus (and feel guilty about checking facebook) so i tend to get stuff done in the public arena. for others, it might be co-working; a public space where individuals usually carry a monthly or yearly membership. membership often includes access to communal tables and for a little extra, a spot of their own and access to the conference room. in los angeles, i've checked out where, meet mix mogul and blankspaces during networking events. and in santa monica, there's jelly la. they all have a different vibe which will suit just about everyone's working style.

the modern offices of blankspaces in central los angeles

where, meet mix mogul skews warm and eclectic in silver lake

santa monica's jelly la keeps it light and airy in their co-working headquarters

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