Wednesday, October 20, 2010

damn fear

fear controls a lot of what we do in our lives. if we're afraid we won't be able to excel at something, we might not start the project altogether. i recently encountered a whole bunch of fear when i had to learn a new song for kissing cousins. i briefly spoke about it here  but i really had no idea what i was getting into. i was honestly really scared that i wasn't going to be able to get this song down pat. i kept practicing and it just wasn't coming along. it was only about 3-4 weeks in that the parts started to gel and sound decent. and slowly, i noticed my fear wasn't as present and confidence took its place. i jotted down some of my initial thoughts and feelings that i experienced when i was first introduced my most challenging song as a drummer. for me, it's so interesting to look back at the journey and recognize the fear signals. so the next time when i'm presented with what seems like an insurmountable task, i can remember what i went through and gain a little control and peace from within.

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