Friday, September 3, 2010

it's been a while

my drumming notes in hieroglyphic 

okay, really it's only been about 3 days since my last post but much has happened (i'll catch you up). 
  • while i'm staying on as a house tour contributer, my last daily post for apartment therapy was tuesday. it was a wonderful experience writing for them for 2+ years. it was a tough decision saying goodbye but Bneato has really taken off since our Daily Candy mention back in April. on a side note, not only did apartment therapy give me the structure and accountability to start this blog --to which i am very grateful for, i also met the most uh-mazing people that will be friends for a lifetime. and this week was me taking a big ole break:)
  • i broke my toe. not really a biggie since you can't do anything for a broken toe but if you feel like throwing any sympathy my way, i won't stop you.
  • i hosted my best friends birthday party at my pad on wednesday which meant a mucho day of cleaning. luckily, i had one of adam's awesome playlists to get me through it (craftily dubbed--casey kasem). it has loads of saxophone and lots of songs from the 80s.
  • and, i'm currently learning the hardest drum part ever. ever. lots of practicing but it's gonna rock if i get it down pat.
ps; i'll be back to normal, and organized post related content next week. oh, and happy labor day!!!

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  1. I broke my tailbone back in high school while taking AP Chem and AP Physics- also not a biggie, but the pain made it so hard to sit still and study. So I definitely sympathize with your broken toe! It will get better soon though :D


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