Tuesday, July 20, 2010

to-do list tuesday

there are a couple of things on my to-do list that are always on there (things like "exercise" and "blog today" or "meditate"). you'd be surprised at how easily i can forget to do something if it isn't written down. but i've found a few links recently that make some items on my to-do list a little easier to tackle. 


for the past 6 months, i've tried meditating on a regular basis to no avail. to me, the benefits are apparent immediately but because it's self guided, i usually write it off. although i find that if i meditate exactly when it crosses my mind to do so (instead of putting it off til later in the day) it usually gets done. then a friend forwarded me this very helpful link for guided meditations. i find that the taped meditations offer a hint of accountability because of the pre-determined time length and the soothing voice leading the way.


almost 3 years ago, i ran my first marathon. the training was super intense and by the end of the marathon i was like, "i never have to do that again." i pretty much quit exercising and chilled out for a while. fast forward to now and you can find me sporadically attending classes at all about you wellness boot camp and still yoga (while rotating in a long run for good measure). unfortunately, when i get super busy with work, i hate leaving the house to exercise. i calculate the time it takes to look presentable, add up the minutes for the drive to and from the class and determine that i'm wasting time (even though exercise helps keep me sane). and then 2 weeks ago, my friend ric told me about yogaglo. for only $18/month, you can stream yoga classes into the comfort of your own home. yesterday, when i was at ric's house (borrowing her internet) she did a yoga class in her living room. the cool thing is, you can pick classes based on level, teacher, what part of the body you'd like to work on... and the classes are continually being updated so nothing gets stale. and while i don't think yogaglo will replace my yoga classes in silver lake, they're a great addition to my exercise routine.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing it. Meditation and yoga are two practices I keep meaning to do, but I allow life to intervene. I don't think I'm alone in this! I've always thought that the opportunity to do yoga at home would be perfect, but I never wanted to deal with the repetition of doing the same yoga tape over and over. This website is an affordable alternative. Thanks


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