Thursday, July 22, 2010

important text messages...

have you ever noticed how some important text messages that get sent to you end up getting lost in the shuffle? because i get email on my phone, a text message can quickly go to the bottom of the days list of items. and because text messages stay only on my phone, it's a good bet that i won't catch them later when i'm back on my laptop (yeah--make that a definite). and while you can't stop friends from sending you important dates or things to respond to via text, what you can do is email that info to yourself immediately--that way, you're bound to see it later when you're back in front of your computer. and as a word of caution, how about emailing that important bit of info to a friend rather than texting it. this tip does not apply to our friends who only respond to text messages (you know who you are).

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  1. Yeesh - I agree with this wholeheartedly. My mobile is for emergencies and to keep handy when I'm meeting someone and plans may change. I only really look at it when I use it - I usually find texts from a few weeks ago sitting there - never urgent stuff but frustrating nonetheless.
    Karen (Scotland)


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