Tuesday, May 11, 2010

to-do list tuesday

the first time i shared my to-do list was back in june (as you can see, the format is pretty much the same). you would think a professional organizer might have better handwriting--apparently not so. the to-do list is ever changing and if i spent extra time making it perfect, i'd never get a thing done. 

this to-do list gets updated once/day (usually when i'm waiting--in the car, on the phone, etc.)

on the next page one will find a long-term bneato to-do list. when i have room on the daily to-do list, items from this list migrate on over.

bneato boot camp to-do checklist (things i always bring to boot camp--the list rarely changes so i keep a copy in the back of my notebook).

long term items (biz and personal) that i don't want to forget about but don't need to see everyday. this list stays on the last page of my notebook. on occasion, i'll check in with it and see what i can move over to the daily to-do list. if items are still here once my notebook is used up, i'll consider taking items off--for good!

things that help me accomplish my to-do's
  • instead of prioritizing items by writing them in order, i'll star items that i need/want to get done that day. usually, i just want to write items on paper as they come to me (and i don't want to get bogged down or worried about writing things down in the correct order). starring items helps visually locate the important to-do's of the day in an instant
  • always cross items off (if i have a highlighter handy, i'll use that instead). crossing tasks off makes me feel accomplished--and gives me the motivation to keep going.
  • get the big things done first. it's so easy to procrastinate and then rationalize your tasks--essentially leaving them to get done the next day (or never). i find that these tasks end up being a big distraction through out the day/week until i get them done.  save yourself a whole lot of headache by getting it done-asap!


  1. I LOVE To Do List Tuesday!

    Great post, Beth. You're so right: making a list of your most important tasks and just moving through them early in the day equals so much more accomplished.

  2. I love To-do lists! I like this post. :)


  3. love this idea - one long list for the blog, and then a re-write of your daily tasks. i may just have to head out to the store and pick up a shiny new notebook in the next day or two and get back into this habit!


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