Wednesday, January 13, 2010

google reminders

last week when i sent out the bneato january newsletter, i noticed that unclutterer did a post on google reminders. while entirely coincidental, i too, included a quick tip on using google reminders in my newsletter. i was quite thrilled that i was giving tips to my readers that unclutterer (mega organizing site) was giving to theirs. if you're not already using this bit of organizing awesome-ness, it's probably because you don't know about it... yet.

Here's my quick tip when using google reminders:

there is no reason for paying bills late--especially when there's google reminders to the rescue. you can set up these cool features through google calendar where you choose to get reminders via email, text message--and even get your daily agenda sent to you. it's kinda like having a personal assistant (without having to fork over any dough). start being awesome today!


  1. I love this. I use my Backpack ( reminders in exactly the same way.

  2. Hi Beth, please hop over to my blog for one second because I have a request for you!

    : )

  3. ohhhh! how fun! I'll have my post up this afternoon:)


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