Thursday, January 14, 2010

7 things...

i was tagged numerous times on facebook to write 20 + things about myself. i never did it because sharing 20 + things sounded intimidating (i don't think there are that many things about me that are that interesting). now 7 things--i can swing that. thanks mrs little jeans for including me in your list!

off the top of my head

1. i am very particular about silverware. it has to be heavy and long (no plastic--ever).
2. i can eat the same exact meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner and never (i mean never) get tired of it.
3. i am a big ole scaredy cat. i can count on my hand the number of scary movies i've seen--and i hate sleeping in my house alone. if i do find myself alone, i sleep with the light on (thank you very much).
4. i love karaoke singing (but never get a chance to go anymore).
5. when i first moved to LA, i realized that there were no thunderstorms so i used to scour the paper to find the closet place that had storm activity (and fantasize about driving there--but never did). i still miss thunderstorms tremendously and have a handful of rainstorm cds to play that my mom sent me when i first moved to LA.
6. i trained for and ran a marathon all by myself 3 years ago (i also used to smoke a pack (or more) a day so this feat was a great one to cross off the list.
7. i'm really, really good at cleaning (such a random thing to say but it stems from never wanting to learn how to cook--so i learned to clean instead).

now i have to tag 7 bloggers...


  1. are truly unique! I am with you on #3, a little on #2, really impressed with #6 (I used to smoke too), and I am trying to learn #7 from you.

    BTW, as part of this Kreative Blogger Award you have to tag 7 other sites for their Kreativity, so get going Mademoiselle, I want to see your list.

    Thanks for the very interesting post.


  2. ha! i love that you said you're good at cleaning. you and i should get married... i'll make us dinner and you can wash the dishes. thanks for tagging me, roonie. i'll do this tonight.

  3. The first 5 could be me! Although no. 5 was cured when I moved to a house with a leaky roof. I'm still working on 6 and 7. How did you quit smoking?

  4. @GP CUPCAKE--someone recommended this book, "The Easy Way To Quit Smoking" by Allen Carr. He said (among many things) you can never have another cigarette again, so why worry/crave/think about them. It just stuck with me. I gave the book to my dad this year for his birthday and he hasn't smoked since reading it. Also gave to the beau (and he has quit for 2 weeks and counting). I also strongly believe that you have to really want to quit. Good luck!!!


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