Monday, December 14, 2009

i want...

this closet. it's the perfect size and is super organized. i found it as i was reading through this month's issue of InStyle (it happens to be Kara DioGuardi's closet). my favorite part is when she uses a bar with hooks (traditionally for belts) for displaying jewelry--genius. designed by Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design.

(image: Douglas Friedman)


  1. There is one problem with this closet Beth...if your partner has mental problems with order, the organization will be destroyed easily. I think it is begging for collapse. If I were living alone or a sargent I would have this closet. I know you love it : )

  2. haha! you're totally right! everything is in perfect order right now (but one wrong move and it's out of control). don't worry--i definitely wouldn't be sharing:)


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