Monday, November 9, 2009

this is awesome!

one of my container store field trip attendees offered up a great idea for hanging purses when you're in a bathroom stall. because not all stalls are created equal (meaning they don't all have a hook for your purse) why not carry around a teeny little S hook? when you gotta go and you don't want the bottom of  your purse to pick up all those nasty germs, hook up the S hook with your purse on the other end--genius!


  1. What an amazing idea! I'm definitely picking one of those up during my next Container Store visits!

  2. thanks ladies! we agreed on Saturday during our field trip that the best kind to pick up is the metal S hook coated in plastic.

  3. I'd be wary of hooking this on the door or wall because someone on the other side could reach over and take it while you're in a compromised position.

  4. To play devil's advocate, that's the case with any bathroom stall if you hang your purse on the hook provided (granted there is a hook to be had). While it would be easier to grab the S-hook and run with that and the purse, I have a hard time imagining it happen. In large, public bathrooms, I have found it to be the case that there are usually hooks for purses and coats. It's the gas stations and single bathrooms where you can lock the door (and there's no chance of someone taking your purse) where the S-hook comes into play. If you're still concerned, there are other places in the stall to hang an S-hook (the toilet paper roll or the side wall of the stall). It doesn't have to be over the main entrance to the stall.


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