Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Favorite Products...

We had a blast Saturday morning while leading our first Field Trip to The Container Store. Here are some of the products we talked about during our walk-through. If you missed out on this event, check back--we plan on scheduling another field trip soon!

Collapsable containers are great for sorting items (make sure to attach label, ie: KEEP/TOSS, etc.)  We also like using these mesh containers for an in/out box for library books, clothes to be donated.  Or, place one or two in the car to corral groceries and shopping items.
These hooks from 3M are great for hanging necklaces in the bathroom or hidden away in the closet.  Plus, they come off easily and you won't need to worry about extra hardware or nailing holes in the wall.

Stick these on the fridge to hold kid's artwork and important papers that need to be signed.  
Wall pockets are our favorite way to organized in the home office.  These beauties hold active paperwork that need to be front and center.
Over the door shoe organizers are great for utilizing vertical space on the door.  Use in the entryway closet for batteries or craft supplies (great for when you're out of drawer space).  Or use in the bathroom for holding make-up and toiletries.
We love shelf dividers for keeping sweaters and workout clothes in order.
We all agreed--shelf risers are great for doubling your storage space.  Use in bathrooms under the sink, in the kitchen for storing dishes or in the closet to stack sweaters or accessories (use a bin with a label for items that aren't stackable).

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