Friday, November 13, 2009

friday the 13th and throwing organizing tips in the trash...

what the hey?! is it friday the 13th and april fools day? why would we want to throw organizing tips in the trash?! unfortunately, not all organizing tips are created equal. tossing out items if you haven't used them in a year might not apply to your situation. organizing is not "one size fits all" and neither are the tips. we were reminded of this when we read a recent blog post over on Woman's Day. Diane Oatis gives us 8 Organizing Tips that we should forget about. Our fav's are;
  • a label doesn't have to be made by the computer (or a label maker for that matter). if making the perfect label is getting in the way of you getting organized--fugetaboutit! grab the nearest sharpie and get to work.
  • reuse food containers instead of buying the "perfect container"
  • if you haven't used it in x amount of months, toss it. while this works for some folks, it doesn't work for everyone. i have the space to store my muffin tin but i may not use it every year (and i certainly don't want to buy a new one if the urge strikes to make cupcakes).
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