Sunday, November 15, 2009

bathroom products

if your bathroom is slim on storage space (most are) don't try and store all your products in the bathroom. instead, carve out a shelf in the linen closet for products you don't use every day. some items might include medicine, hair products for a fancy 'do or sun tan lotion. use your medicine cabinet and drawer storage for items you use daily. if you find that there is some overflowing of products even after you pared down, get creative with storage. over the door shoe pockets work wonders for the bathroom. also, i've always loved this post from Unclutterer on using up all of the contents from a product before buying any new ones.

(image: mrtruffle)


  1. I repurposed my old roommate's nightstand for bathroom organizing. It has doors, and plenty of room for my curlers, a flatiron, and a plastic storage container full of rarely-used toiletries, extra razors, etc.

    There was room for it opposite the toilet in my studio apartment, and now that I'm living with my boyfriend (in a bigger place with a smaller bathroom), it sits right on top of the toilet tank (my boy is clever!) like a mini-etarge, keeping things contained and out-of sight.

  2. gotta love the extra hidden storage. quick question--how does it stay put on top of the toilet tank?


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