Monday, October 19, 2009

Quote This

Best thing I've heard all week--"the faintest ink is better than the greatest memory" as said by Mad Men character Paul Kinsey.  If you watch the show--you know where this is going.  Paul, an ad man at Sterling Cooper is under the gun.  He needs ideas and he needs them now.  Getting drunk one evening seems to do the trick (only in his inebriated state, he of course forgets to write down the winning idea).  I feel Paul's pain all too well.  I'll be drifting off to bed and think of the perfect Apartment Therapy post or an idea for Bneato and in the morning--poof (the idea is usually gone)...


  1. Sometimes I think I have a great idea in sleep and I write it down only to wake up to find out it made no sense; still a pen and paper would be a great thing by the bed. : )

  2. Yeah--I've had that happen too! But at least it was written down so I could make that distinction (b/w a good idea and a poor one) in the morning. I also always sleep with my phone by my bed so if I need to remember something (idea or to-do) I'll just email it to myself (no pen or paper necessary)!


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