Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I was on tweet deck today and saw the following tweet from the show HoardersTV (retweeting a direct message from Metrozing). I clicked on the link because I was super duper curious...

The above link led me to this photo by Steve Pyke of Al Gore in his office.  I was already familiar with the image and have had similar experiences when working with clients.  After I've organized a client in their home, more often than not, I'll come home and want to go through/purge my own belongings...
And then I started thinking... when I was younger (way younger) I used to post pictures of models on my fridge.  My thought process was--if I see a picture of a model when I'm bored and want to eat--I will eat less (and stay healthy).  While it didn't really work, I wonder if photos of cluttered offices/homes are helpful to folks when trying to get organized?

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