Monday, September 14, 2009

100th Post... and Getting Rid of Junk Mail

My clients biggest challenges are with paperwork. While I like to promote free solutions to getting off of mailing lists, a boot camp attendee swears by Tonic Mail Stopper (formerly Green Dimes). They claim you'll see a thinner inbox in 90 days--not to mention they plant 5 trees on your behalf (now that's pretty darn cool). This service is a great alternative for the the super busy folks who just need to get 'er done.

(Image from Tonic Mail Stopper)


  1. I will try them Beth. I did a lot of what you suggested in a session of yours and it helped but I need to do more!

    THanks...also thanks for the desk post that I still need to go revisit, and another that I cannot remember now.


  2. @MrsLittleJeans--np! Glad the posts are helping out and giving motivation:)


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