Sunday, August 30, 2009

Table of Contents

I wrote about this concept for Apartment Therapy last year, but just in case you didn't catch it--it's what I like to call, a Table of Contents for your filing cabinet. You know when you go to do your filing and you open your filing cabinet? The havoc starts when you grab your first piece of paper to file. It's regarding a financial summary statement only you can't find the file you're looking for. You could have sworn you called the file "financial statements" but you aren't finding it anywhere. In order to prevent this frustrating scenario--type out a table of contents and tape to the top or side of your filing cabinet. Now, before you even open up the file drawer, you'll just run down your list of file tab names. Then open the drawer, locate the file and your filing will be a breeze. I also listed the file tab names to resemble your files as you open your file drawer (so instead of A-Z it's Z-A )--kapish?

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