Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday (finally)!

Oh what a few weeks! Tomorrow is the first day I'll actually be able to sleep in (until at least 9:30ish). Whooooo hoooo! Okay, okay--on to more important stuff. So I've been working with a previous client all week (we worked together this same time last year). I'll call her Becky for confidentiality reasons. Becky is an awesome client--she is ready and willing to purge and toss what she doesn't use/need (not to mention does homework I assign in between sessions). When we worked together last year, the goal was to set up her guest bedroom as her home office. It was a great success and we both felt super accomplished after the job was done. Speed up to this past week. Becky's new goal was to move her office into the kitchen (and purge more items). Her nephew is coming into town to live with her and it wouldn't be practical for her office to stay as is. What was awesome is that we both discovered her desire to purge even more than last time. I am highlighting this example in order to show you that just because you get organized and maintain, doesn't mean another good round of purging isn't in order. Usually, 6 months to a year (after a few good organizing sessions), you will realize that you still haven't used some of the items you kept previously. Now Becky has an entire wall in her mud room and a clear guest closet to work with. That space will totally come in handy when her nephew moves into the spare bedroom in a few weeks. Rock steady!

(Image from Flickr Member Wolves68450 used under Creative Commons License)

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  1. lucky Becky, lucky Becky indeed..have a great weekend, sleep-in and everything else.



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