Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Bee

Warning: Excuses, venting and reasons ahead.... Okay. So I typically post Sunday thru Friday on this blog. While I've never written that down or stated that in a post--those are my goals. Yesterday=no post. And I felt soooooo guilty. I've been beating myself up all day (and it was worse because I didn't have access to my computer until right now). Back to back clients (one on the west side and one on the east) puts me nowhere near my computer. What are my excuses/reasons for not posting?
  • Adam's best friend is in town from NYC so I've been busy picking him up from the airport and hanging with the boys since his best friend and I had never met. 
  • Went to see Inglorious Basterds on Friday evening
  • Instead of working all weekend, I helped Adam prep for his birthday bash Saturday night and then attended the coolest couple wedding shower on Sunday for a big chunk of the day.
  • Watched 3 hrs of TV last night.  I don't even have cable but I somehow managed to fit in True Blood, Mad Men and Big Brother.
I know for a fact that if I worked on Apartment Therapy last evening in addition to other tasks, I could have gotten my Bneato post up for yesterday.  For most of my clients, TV does take up a lot of time--so it's important to choose wisely how you spend your time.  Never aimlessly sit down in front of the TV.  If you have Tivo--use it to your advantage.  Tape your shows and watch them when you have the time.  If you aren't getting things done--something has to get cut.  Whew.  I feel much better--and next time, I'll have to wait until later in the week to catch up on all my programs.

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  1. everything you posted is a blur except I DON'T EVEN HAVE CABLE. wtf? how is this possible? you can't post every day because you're withdrawing from something that's like breathing or having blood pumping through your veins: cable tv! how how how how can you not have cable? you have a tv, right? just no cable? i'm ... i'm very upset. i feel like you just told us you're a vampire for real. okay, bad analogy because that would actually be cool. take two: i feel like you just told me michael jackson really did molest jordie chandler when he didn't! he didn't! seriously, he didn't. oh, my god. you really don't have cable???

  2. haha:)
    I do have a TV and a DVD player, just no cable. Adam (the beau) has cable and Direct TV, so when I go over to his house, we watch pre-recorded shows together. I tried to estimate how much TV I watch a week and it's around 5.5 hrs. And typically I'll either go to a movie every weekend or watch one at home. It's a long-ish story why I don't have cable but basically, my roommate in college got into a "fight" with the cable company. They said she didn't pay a bill, she said she did. They eventually turned it over to collections which ended up with a warrant out for her arrest (crazy)! And she's definitely not the kind of gal that starts trouble with the law. She shunned cable and since I lived with her at the time, I did too. Ever since, I lived without it (and have found ways to get my fix:). For instance, I borrowed my friend's copy of the entire series of Six Feet Under and watched it one cold, rainy month a few years back (awesome). And in addition, with the internet and Hulu, you can watch TV without cable (not as convenient but it works for me:)

  3. oy, hulu. every time we watch a show on hulu an actor or writer dies of starvation, but i guess it's their own fault for letting the producers fool them into voting away residuals. but i digress. i actually envy your lack of dependence on cable tv. it definitely burns my a*s to pay for cable internet AND cable tv, when we all know the technology for them to merge already exists. what a racket. now i'm getting mad. maybe when true blood's over i'll cancel my cable. haha! psych! no way, i can't do it! okay, on to more important things: do you think eric knew his hot steamy manblood would make sookie start dreaming about him on her own or is he sending the dreams to her? and do you think she'll get a viking spiking in the next two episodes or do you think they'll make us wait until next season? i apologize for this not being organization-related, but you blew my mind with the cable thing.

  4. Kristen--you are hilarious! What about ordering episodes from iTunes? Not sure how cost effective that is but I thought I'd toss it out (my neighbors don't have cable either but when there is a show they have to watch, they'll order it on iTunes).
    As far as True Blood goes, the series follows the books loosely. My friend Heather has read all of them and let's just say, I'm v. happy with what's about to happen if they go with what happens in the books:)

  5. i always forget that itunes has more than music. i need to check that out. true blood, yeeeow!


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