Thursday, August 13, 2009

And I Wonder Where I Get It From...

While home last week, I snapped pictures of my parents house.  Mom has got some great organizing tools in place (and while most of us don't have the space to create such luxuries) they're fun to look at nonetheless.  I definitely get my organizing tendencies from my mom--and while it may be hard to believe, she just might be more of a neat freak than myself.
Closet rod in laundry room
Fold-up ironing board
My favorite--hairdryer and flat-iron plugged in and ready to go with a fan to cool you off while getting ready
Lazy Susan for the kitchen cabinet
Cookie sheets and cutting boards are easy to access
Spice rack (Belle peeking through)
Pots in a pull-out drawer (heaven)
  No more bending over and looking for lost lids

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