Thursday, July 16, 2009

Phone Applications Help Thin Your Wallet

Ahhhhhh twitter--you make me so happy. My friend (and an individual I follow on Twitter) Jeremy tweeted about a cool new app for his iPhone which promises to thin your wallet. The application is called Card Star and it prompts you to enter your membership numbers into their software. It appears as a bar code on your phone and when you're at the grocery store, all you have to do is pull up the place you're at and the checker can scan your phone--how cool is that?! If you don't have a fancy iPhone or you're like me and use a Blackberry (app coming soon) you can always write down your membership numbers in a text file and save them as a member card list. Not to mention, most grocery stores and drugstores can pull up your card member info by entering your phone number. Either way you choose--it's bound to lighten your wallet and your key chain from plastic membership cards.

(Images: Card Star)


  1. This is awesome, I just got an iphone...thanks Beth!

  2. niiiice. my beau won't let me even hold his iPhone (that's how important he thinks they are:) I'm still camp Blackberry.

  3. Cute...mine was a birthday present. I asked for it last July. : )


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