Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Organizing Tools For The Purse

I know, I know, it's not wallet week anymore (flip it). Here's where I keep change and business cards so they don't clog up my wallet. I plan on doing a future post on how to handle business cards but until then, here's one tip that has helped me save precious time. If I frequent a business (like my auto mechanic 3 times/year) I keep his card in my biz card holder. On the back of that card, I write out directions to his store (I have a somewhat terrible memory when it comes to directions). By writing down info on the back of the biz cards, I can leave the house without having to look up addresses over and over again. On a side note, my mom recently bought a GPS thingamajig for my car. For some reason, it makes me nervous to use it (what if it gives me the wrong directions, etc...) Does anyone else feel that way or am I the only one?!


  1. I'd be lost without my Garmin! Since moving to an area of little cities that are hard to navigate between, I rely on it constantly. The only "mistakes" it ever makes are not giving me the best route.... so far! The "home" button is great as well; I don't worry so much about getting all turned around and not being able to retrace my path.

  2. Yeah--it definitely has a habit of not giving me the best route.
    And the other day it couldn't find an address altogether (which really bummed me out).
    But it has helped out a few times when I got completely lost.


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